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Running a successful ladies bar is a challenge, not just finding the right people and keeping customers happy, but effectively managing everything to maintain the best service possible. Until now, there have been a few tools that GOGO bar owners could make use of, but Xoopro has taken this to the next level, with a dedicated POS for GOGO bar, created just to meet your needs.


That means a  tailored solution that works the way your business does, has the features you are looking for and is designed to make your life easier as a GOGO bar owner or manager. With this high-quality point of sale for ladies’ bar, you can take your business forward, with simpler management and tools to help you grow. Easily manage lady’s drinks, monitor timekeeping for each lady and calculate commissions automatically with a dedicated POS for GOGO bar in Pattaya, Thailand.



A complete POS for ladies’ bars

Xoopro offers a complete point of sale for GOGO bar, with all the features you expect as well as dedicated ladies’ bar additions. This includes a range of features dedicated to ease of use, with intelligent prompts for servers to ensure accurate ordering and increased satisfaction for customers. In addition, the system offers exceptional security provision, with a number of options for management, including restricting modifications to specific individuals and more.

The POS for GOGO bar system is designed to be intuitive, and servers do not require specific training to use it. In fact, you can go from downloading the point of sale for ladies’ bar to using it in just a few hours. Save time, save money, improve performance. The system monitors lady’s drinks, making it much easier to manage operations, saving time and money.

Specialized Features

Unlike other solutions, the Xoopro point of sale for GOGO bar is built for the ladies’ bar environment. It is an exceptional network-based point of sale with a wealth of features for every situation, but also includes a range of options just for ladies’ bars.


The system makes it easy to set up commissions for each lady, along with recording lady’s drinks and bar fines as they occur. It also offers full timekeeping for every lady, with a record of time in and time out, the number of glasses and so on. With RFID capability built in, all this information can be collected automatically by the system providing a complete report on activity per person or overall.


The reporting itself is tailored for GOGO bar activity, making this POS for ladies’ bar the complete, all in one solution. Ready to go straight out of the box, it will keep bills open, add drinks over time and can restrict bill modification to managers for complete security and fraud prevention.



Robust and Reliable for The Busiest Days

When you adopt a POS system for ladies’ bar, you are putting your trust in a system. If it fails, you are left unable to take orders or payments, and that can be devastating for any business, even if it just for a few hours.

Xoopro understand the importance of that reliability, which is why we have crated a point of sale for GOGO bar that is a full network solution using local systems and storage. Even if your Wi-Fi fails, this system keeps working, unlike cloud-based options that simply stop. Robust and proven, this network POS for GOGO bars won’t let you down, its there when you need it every time. The important data, including lady’s drinks, timekeeping and commissions, will always be available, giving you extra confidence and making sure your POS for GOGO bar in Pattaya and Thailand is always working for you.

Unbeatable Value

But all that functionality and reliability does not add to the cost. In fact, Xoopro’s point of sale for ladies’ bar offers the best value possible. With all the features and capabilities needed for GOGO bars of all sizes, monitoring lady’s drinks, timekeeping and automated commission calculation among so many more, the Xoopro point of sale for Ladies’ bar in Pattaya and Thailand is completely free for use with less than 1000 bills per month.

No restrictions other than the number of bills mentioned, you can download this fully featured GOGO bar POS solution today and use it free of charge for as long as you want within the 1000 bills per month limit. There is an easy upgrade path as your business grows too, making it the perfect platform for your success.

Download today and get started with Xoopro POS for GOGO bars, and you will see just how you can benefit from this incredible system.


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