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Night clubs of all sizes need to master orders, payments and stock management to reach the business’ full potential. There are many approaches to this, but the most effective is a dedicated night club point of sale in Thailand and beyond that brings ease of use, accuracy and effective management tools into one easy to use system.

Xoopro’s class leading POS for night club in Philippines and Thailand offers all that and more, combining an extensive feature set that can power even the largest clubs, with a simple interface, ease of use and affordability that makes it perfect for smaller establishments as well.



Fully Featured without adding Complexity

The key to Xoopro’s success, having been adopted by some of the region’s largest clubs including both Lucifer and 808 in Pattaya, Thailand, is the ease of use and flexibility. In a large business it has all the features you could want, including the ability to add areas within a business, allowing for area specific pricing and stock control, such as separating a bar from a restaurant and having independent stock control and even different drinks pricing. It can cover up to 100 workstations for your order cashiers, enough for even the biggest nigh clubs today, making sure that it has everything you need in a POS system.

The features of this POS for bar in Philippines and Thailand don’t stop there, for businesses with multiple locations, each installation can connect through the cloud to allow the same membership card to work at all locations, including any loyalty bonuses and rewards.

But it also features easy management too, setting up a happy hour with different pricing takes a few seconds, and will be implemented automatically at the times and days selected, requiring no additional action for your servers. In fact, it is so easy to use that your staff will need no training at all, just set up your POS with loyalty program in Thailand of Philippines, and you’ll be up and running in hours.

Ease of Use is a Priority

That ability to add features without complexity allows the Xoopro nigh club point of sale in Philippines and Thailand remain easy to use at all times. This is reflected in the ability to get up and running quickly without the need for specialized staff training, saving time and money.


In fact, this POS for discotheque in Thailand and elsewhere is not just easy to use, it actively helps your staff to provide the best service possible. An intelligent prompt system reacts to order input and reminds servers to ask about additional products. For instance, ordering a liquor will prompt the server to enquire about which mixer is wanted. For food orders, it prompts servers to offer the sides menu and so on. In this way, you improve service levels and reduce order error, increasing customer satisfaction too. That is the benefit of a full featured POS for bar in Thailand.


Ease of use not only helps reduce your costs, but it can also bring increased profits through improved service.



Built for Reliability

Many POS for bars in Philippines solutions leverage the cloud for storage and operations, however there are issues with this. As a business, you need to minimize risks as much as possible, and because the cloud relies on a solid, fast data connection at all times to function, it presents a potential point of failure that could cripple operations.

Xoopro avoids this, using reliable, local storage that means it works when you need it too. As a point of sale for beachclub in Thailand and Philippines, you need to know that you can take orders and process payments no matter what, and with solid, proven network technology, this is a system designed to work for you.

Loyalty Programs to Boost Sales

In a competitive market, having a loyalty program helps your business gain repeat custom, and with the Xoopro POS with loyalty program in Philippines and Thailand, it has never been easier to manage your own. Customers can check their points at local kiosks or online, seeing exactly what there offers are at all times.

The system is automatic and can be incorporated into multiple locations for larger businesses, just set it up and it runs itself.



Exceptional Value

With all of this and market leading performance, you may think that the Xoopro POS for night club in Philippines and Thailand is expensive too. But that is not the case, it provides exceptional value, and for businesses generating less than 1000 bills per month, the complete system is available free of charge!


Just download today and see how Xoopro’s POS for night club in Thailand can transform your business.



The best Night Club point of sale solution

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