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The First Choice for Point of Sale in Thailand

Every business needs and advantage in this competitive market, and Xoopro is the POS with loyalty program Bangkok that gives you exactly that.

Whether you are looking for a night club point of sale in Thailand, or a solution for any type of business, Xoopro is the first choice for POS today.

With an extensive feature set, superb flexibility and unmatched value, including a free option for small businesses, this is a point-of-sale package that sits apart from anything else on offer today.

A dedicated Gogo Bar module ensures that this is a perfect point of sale for bars in Pattaya and across Thailand, with dedicated functions to manage lady’s drink and bill control. Everything you need in a night club, bar, beach club or lounge POS in Kho Chang and around the country.

The Right Features for Every Business

Currently in use in the biggest night clubs in Thailand, Lucifer and 808 in Pattaya, Xoopro offers a flexible POS for discotheque in Kho Samui, Bangkok and all over Thailand, with enough features for larger businesses and the affordability and ease of use that makes adoption by even the smallest business simple.

For establishments that generate less than 1000 bills per month, Xoopro is entirely free, its ready to download now and you can get started with it immediately.

But that doesn’t mean it lacks anything for more demanding users, as Xoopro can manage multiple areas within a single business, including different pricing at each, for instance in the bar, restaurant and so on.

Stock can also be managed per area too, giving a detailed stock breakdown that allows managers to control stock levels within their own sector with precision, the perfect network POS in Phuket, Pattaya, Bangkok and across the country.

It’s a POS for night club in Pattaya and beyond that is easy to use too, with RFID card log-in for staff, and intelligent prompts that ensure accurate ordering. This includes prompts for sauce and sides when serving beef or other meats, asking for the mixer when taking orders for whisky and so on.

This not only saves time but improves customer satisfaction, aiding repeat custom levels and improving the business. For your Phuket bar or Bangkok restaurant, a Kho Samui night club or a Kho Chang lounge, Xoopro offer the very best POS in Thailand.

The reliability of a network POS for bars

Unlike some alternatives that rely on the cloud to power the system, Xoopro is built on local network technology, ensuring that whatever happens, you will have continuity of performance. Where cloud-based systems can leave you hanging if there is an internet signal disruption, this is a restaurant POS for Koh Samui or anywhere that delivers superb performance every day.


But all that performance and features are only useful if this is a night club point of sale in Thailand and beyond that you can easily add to any business. The simple interface and intelligent prompts are designed with new users in mind, and your staff can adopt this leading POS in Bangkok, Thailand in minutes, requiring no training, saving both time and money. Just set the system up and you are ready to go, it really is that easy.

A flexible point of sale for night clubs and bars

Every business is different, and that means every business needs a different point of sale system in Thailand, but here Xoopro has you covered too. Not only can the system adapt to any needs, from a single area to multiple zones with fully independent price and stock control, but with a team of dedicated developers in-house, Xoopro can adapt the system to meet specific needs if required.


You can use or ignore features at will, allowing smaller night clubs or restaurants to enjoy the performance and reliability without dealing with an overly complex feature set, and it is this flexibility that ensures Xoopro stands out as the best point of sale system in Phuket, Kho Chang and all over Thailand, for restaurants, bars, night clubs, lunges, Gogo bars and so much more.



Try this POS in Thailand for FREE

When you think of a POS for bar in Pattaya, Thailand, you probably think that it’s going to be expensive. However, Xoopro is different. It matches the competition for features and flexibility, but it beats them in performance and cost. The unmatched value is taken even further for smaller businesses, with Xoopro being completely free for those who generate less than 1000 bills per month.

All the features, all the benefits, no cost! You can be using this best in class point of sale for beach club in Bangkok or any other commercial application today, just download and get started!

Download Xoopro today and see how this reliable, easy to use system can transform your business. The best POS for night clubs in Kho Samui and all over Thailand is here for you.

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