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POS Solution

POS is the core of your business.

  • Available features:
  •  Multiple order stations (up to 100)
  •  Multiple Cash registers (Any order can be pay to any cash register)
  •  Customer kiosk stations with direct interaction
  • Back office stations with products and delivery management
  • Payment by cash, credit card, loyalty/member points .... Grab Food, Uber, implemented....
  • Automatic order updates on customer accounts
  • Printing of orders for preparation in multiple zones (cold/hot kitchens, main/VIP bars)
  • Effective cost management tools
  • Automatic warnings of restocking requirements
  • Management of customer loyalty/consumption cards
  • Management of consumption manager budget
  • Customer database
  • Management of bottle keep with barcode system
  • End-of-day takings closure with cash discrepancy calculation
  • Third-party Commission and cash-back calculations
  • Secure data entry management by individual RFID cards (for both staff and customer
  • Automated management of multi happy hour discounted pricing
  • Visualization of stock/cash loss through comparison of POS sales and alcohol consumption
  • Remote reporting of analysis by email
  • Printing of customer loyalty/membership cards including individual barcode (when connected to suitable printer)
  • This is just few of the available functions



"Xoopro provide unlimited features ... "


Yes! Xoopro is a point of sale solution specially design to meet your needs.


If a function is missing, or if you need a specific module, we can create it for you!


Just imagine ...

These are just of interesting features of our point of sale solution

And much more ...

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Our POS support team is available in English, French, Thai, Tagalog.

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